About Spanish Institute for Oral, Maxillofacial & Plastic Surgery

We are a highly qualified team of specialised professionals with a common line of thought based on excellence in continued work and scientific formation. This is one of the reasons that make us different.

IOMM offers odontological services and treatments of Maxillofacial Surgery and of Plastic, Aesthetic and Restorative Surgery in Madrid to people from all over the world.

While you carry out your treatment, you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with Madrid and visit the most important tourist attractions of the country.

The main goal of IOMM is to offer a full service; we don’t solely deal with the medical-surgical service. We offer a personalised travel pack for each treatment that includes accommodation, transfers, pre-surgical exams and assistance. The patient may combine different treatments and we can suggest different tourist options in other areas of Spain. Relatives and friends are welcome.

Why the Spanish Institute for Oral, Maxillofacial & Plastic Surgery?

Why us? What makes us different?

In the IOMM we know that the quality of the job, the long term projection and the patient’s comfort are the three pillars on which a health service should be based.

Surgery with local anaesthesia and sedation in the operating room

We offer our patients the possibility of having the surgery with local anaesthesia and sedation in the operating room, thus minimizing the stress that an intervention may generate.

The combination of local anaesthesia, the same kind utilized in the dental office, with sedation, completely eliminates the two elements that often impede the patient from going to his/her professional – pain and fear of pain. Another added advantage is that the patient has a certain degree of amnesia, which prevents any memory of the process to which they were submitted, avoiding, in this way, the generation of post-traumatic stress.

We shorten treatment periods

Guided surgery, implantation and immediate or early loading, meaning, shortening treatment periods as much as possible and performing flapless surgery whenever indicated.

With this technique the result is that the patient leaves the clinic with a fixed provisional or permanent prosthesis, held in place by the implants.

To carry out these treatments, the IOMM professionals utilize TAC 3D and specific software that allow us to visualize a 3D and life-size image of the facial skeleton as well as its relationship with the soft tissue.

The technology used also allows us to decide if some cases are not candidates for this type of treatment. In this manner, we minimize the risks of failure. One of the basic principles of aesthetic prosthesis and aesthetic dentistry is that the teeth and smile look natural.

Latest-generation aesthetic materials

Our prosthodontists, in collaboration with the laboratories, manage with great skill, latest-generation aesthetic materials such as PROCERA ceramic crowns, Zirconium or Lithium disilicate. Being that these are white and allow for varying degrees of opacity, they help achieve beautiful and natural smiles. But the treatment of the smile does not end here; in some occasions time modifies the soft tissue creating typical marks or stigmas.

Our goal is to render the lost naturalness and beauty to your smile and to that extent we combine aesthetic dentistry with different anti-aging techniques such as filler and cosmetic surgery.

Invisible Orthodontics. Lingual Orthodontics. Tip-Edge.

It is now possible to use technology, in many cases, to improve the quality of orthodontic treatments, offering the patient the possibility of wearing invisible orthodontics, which may consist of placing the brackets on the inner surface of the teeth – a technique known as Lingual Orthodontics, wearing a range of progressively different splints as with the INVISALIGN system, or to carry out individualized tooth movement through the TIP-EDGE technique.

These and many others are the quality detailed services offered to our patients in IOMM.